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A human foot & ankle is a strong, mechanical structure that contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles


An ankle fracture is accompanied by one or all of these symptoms:
  • Pain at the site of the fracture, which in some cases can extend from the foot to the knee 
  • Significant swelling, which may occur along the length of the leg or may be more localized 
  • Blisters may occur over the fracture site. These should be promptly treated by a foot and ankle surgeon. 
  • Bruising that develops soon after the injury 
  • Inability to walk—however, it is possible to walk with less severe breaks, so never rely on walking as a test of whether a bone has been fractured 
  • Change in the appearance of the ankle – it will look different from the other ankle 
  • Bone protruding through the skin—a sign that immediate care is needed. Fractures that pierce the skin require immediate attention because they can lead to severe infection and prolonged recovery. 

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